Saturday, 23 July 2016

Rustic grilled cheese sandwich

When I say rustic, I mean you can style and shape this sandwich in your own way and it's homemade, except perhaps the cheese, but I'm sure I'll make some cheese on a blog post one day. 

Anyways it's fairly simple, you make a loaf of some sweet crispy magic homemade bread. Once the loaf has cooled completely,  preheat your pan.

Cut 2 slices of bread per sandwich.

Slice enough cheese to top one side of a face of bread. Per sandwich, 2-3 slices will usually suffice

Butter the outside faces of bread with butter, lightly toast the insides of the bread on your heated pan. Once slightly hard and crisped flip one onto the buttered side place cheese inside and place the other slice of bread on top.

Heat until you have a nice golden crisp crust, then flip the sandwich and remove from the skillet when browned. Dip with your favorite topping. Mine is super fancy... It's called ketchup.


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